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World Forum for Acoustic Ecology

New Adventures in Sound Art

Musicworks Magazine –  it’ll teach you everything about film sound… everything.


Canadian Music Centre

The Daniel Langlois Foundation for Art, Science and Technology


Logocities – a research project on logos and signs by Matt Soar

The Art of Foley – one of my passions in film sound

Folk Songs for the Five Points – go listen to this NYC neighbourhood

Manchester: Peripheral – soundscape recordings from around Manchester, UK.

John Oswald’s Plunderphonics – hear Dolly Parton as you never have before.

Oversampling Inc.’s series of audio guides – would love them to push this in the direction of soundscape studies…

Naturesongs – “promote(s) nature recording and archiving, and provide(s) a library of sounds that people can refer to when they hear something new.”

Cylinder Preservation & Digitization Project (University of California, Santa Barbara) – go listen to fantastic old recordings!

Discover Japan – if you’re planning a trip, you can pick Japanese destinations by all your sense, including sound.

McCord Museum’s online exhibit, “Urban Life Through 2 Lenses.” – sound design by Diane Leboeuf of Sonodesign


Andra McCartney – multi-media soundscapes

Sylvie Chenard – multi-media sound projects

Kathy Kennedy – sound artist, performer & instructor

Chantal Laplante – sound artist & composer

Jacky Sawatzky – check out “a single cappuccino” and the r.g.b.-project.

Barry Truax –  electroacoustic composer & acoustic communication researcher

Marian van der Zon - artist working in the genres of writing, audio art, sound documentary, and music

Ellen Waterman – experimental flutist

Hildegard Westerkamp – composer, radio artist and sound ecologist

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