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Studio-time, 2001, 1:12
I was having a terrible time trying to get any of the gear to work in the analogue studio. I cried – the only time I ever cried in studio – and finally decided to record my frustrations and turn that into a piece. I die at the end of this piece but it’s pretty funny in hindsight.

all the sounds, 2002, 2:37
This piece is based on Francis Dhomont’s L’electro, where he records numerous people reciting the line, “L’electro, il n’y a rien de plus beau!” For me, “all the sounds of the Earth are like music,” and after many Saturday nights in the studio, it was so.

Hingston North, 2003, 3:36
This very digital electroacoustic piece is named after the location of the studio in which it was composed. The recordings for this one are of a pipe that made strange sounds outside the studio, me taking breaths, and a busy downtown street.

Passing Ships & Their Music, 2003, 1:53
This piece was composed for Dr. Andra McCartney’s soundscape project, Journées sonores: Canal de Lachine. In this piece, Andra does an interview while getting her hair cut by one of 6th Avenue’s most famous characters, Albert. Another customer voices his remembrances of the canal and we hear what it may have sounded like 50 years ago. This piece is dedicated to Albert who passed away soon after the interview.

Sharkboy, 2004, 18:26
A short film by Kidnapper Films (dir. Pat Kiely). My role on Sharkboy was as Foley artist, ADR recordist and co-sound designer with the very talented Jessica Landry.

Horn & Hog Etude, 2004, 0:44
Recorded at the Haliburton Forest during a conference of the Canadian Association for Sound Ecology, October 2004. Many thanks to the performers: Michael Cumberland on Alphorn and the Haliburton hogs.

Avust Segenth, 2004, 0:57
Waiting for the train to arrive and take me home, my minidisc player distracts me from reality while enhancing it at the same time.

Think Again 2005 “Switch Tracks” audio montage, 2006, 1:58
This audio montage came in the middle of a video made for the Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation conference Think Again 2006. One of my many works composed in 48 hours or less – my inspiration was the conference theme and, of course, my talented partners on this project.

Montage for Logocities, 2006, 4:38
A montage of recordings for Dr. Matt Soar’s Logocities research project. The background is one of my favorite downtown sounds: the Expo ’67 chimes that are now housed in the Sun Life Building on Place du Canada. They sing every day at 5pm – go have a listen! The voices are Montrealers telling stories about signs and logos around the city.


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Conference Presentations

(Upcoming) “Recording the Past: Sounding Griffintown as Cultural Artifact.” World Forum for Acoustic Ecology Conference: Hirosaki, Aomori, Japan. November 2-6, 2006.

“Sounding Griffintown,” International Association for the Study of Popular Music: University of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. May 5-7, 2006.

“The History of Soundscape or Soundscape as History.” Canadian Communications Association: Western University, London, Ontario, Canada. June 4, 2005.

With Andra McCartney. “Talk-Back Through Glass Windows and Ceilings.” International Association for the Study of Popular Music: Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada. May 15, 2003.


Aug 2006 & April 2005 A Little Bit Closer (short film by Paddy Long & Kristian Snyder)
- Sound Mixer & Foley artist

September 2005 Switch Tracks/Élever la voie for Think Again, Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation Conference, Ottawa
- Sound recording and editing for short video, completed in 48 hours
- Video by Jeff Gordon, Grégoire Rochon, Brian Sinasac

May 2005 Alex, Vampire Slayer (short film by Al Kratina, dir.)
- Supervising sound editor

February 2005 Kidnapper Films Variety Show 2
- Sound editor for short films

September 2004 Think Again 2004, Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation Conference, Ottawa
- Recording, editing and montage of sound installation, completed in 48 hours

August 2004 Digital Poetics and Politics Conference (Queen’s University, Kingston)
- Soundwalk recording and editing for a Flash presentation, completed in 3 days

June 2004 El Cartografo (video production completed in 48 hours for 2880 Film Blitz)
- Location recording, Foley artist, mixing and sound design

May - June 2004 Sharkboy (short film by Kidnapper Films, dir. Pat Kiely)
- Sound Design, Foley artist and ADR

March 2004 Promotional video for Canada Millennium Scholarship Foundation
- Voice-over recording

November 2003 Word on the Street (N.F.B. documentary, dir. Juan Cantero)
- Assistant post-production sound editing

June 2003 ceci n’est pas unique (video production completed in 48 hours for 2880 Film Blitz)
- Location recording, mixing and sound design

January to May 2003 Ink (video production by Donky Pictures, Kieran Crilly, dir.)
- Sound design, location recording, Foley artist, ADR and mixing

March 2003 Transit (short film by Bjorn Ekeberg, dir.)
- Foley artist, assistant ADR and voice-over recording

January 2003 The Vagina Monologues (Concordia University stage production)
- Sound Design

February to April 2002 Shift (video production, Nikola Markovic, dir.)
- Location and voice-over recording, mixing and sound design

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